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I felt a pinch up on my spine-
Was like a child's first taste of wine.
Confused by whether love or hate-
Decision might reciprocate.
Amused by this unlikely chill-
Never before, but just until.
Was struck by this awakening-
Of neither good nor sickening.
Released my thoughts excitingly-
Impatient, wished discovery.
I rushed to find the truth revealed-
If satisfaction, it concealed.
Like celebrations of my birth-
Expecting gifts beyond my worth.
I may in disappointment lay-
Still, happiness could pave my way.
Thus, here I am, in my unrest-
Perhaps the worst or be the best.
Desiring this, I must find out-
Just what this feeling is about.
Among the days, my very crave-
This feeling - certain moment gave.
Without intent, my mind was stuck-
Through wishful thinking, bet my luck.
To live my life, the best I'll try-
Pursue my dreams, no longer lie.
For when the feeling strikes again-
Make sure that I won't be in vain.
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 0 2
Months at a Time
A month has passed, and yet again-
Now looking back at how I've been.
Embraced by fate, as we unfold-
The love we share, the life we hold.
We've had our ups, as well as downs-
And had some smiles, but mostly frowns.
Despite these things - got in the way-
Our love survived until today.
Can't help but wonder what to do-
What sort of gift, I may give you.
For in these years, I gave them all-
Material things, big and small.
Alone, I think, what kind of gift-
To signify as well uplift.
Today and feelings - show I care-
More of your love, I may ensnare.
It's understood, begin a date-
And guarantee I won't be late.
Treat you a queen, and do it well-
Make today, a story to tell.
With plans in hand, best of my wit-
The perfect gift, won't seem to fit.
Ideas flushed out of my mind-
In every search, nothing to find.
So here I am, almost empty-
Nothing to give - then it strikes me.
Something only I can provide-
Where happiness and love collide.
Just focus on a perfect day-
In all that happens, hav
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 2 4
Painting with Words
Like a painter wh○ paints
with the colors of this world,
I'm a painter who paints
with my thoughts put into words.
Every line that I make
As I dig deep in my soul,
With each breath that I take
It's my heart that's on a roll.
I struggle what to say
Find the best illustration,
Keep my mind - not astray
Recall my inspiration.
It's mostly about love
And within, I reign supreme,
As lies, I do not shove
Making my life as the theme.
Of course, some may be sad
Still in all is where I shine,
As most may find me mad,
Expose the truth that is mine.
I rant a lot of things
May speak boldly as I dare,
As the comfort it brings
Does relieve me from despair.
So whatever the case
Caught in the moment, I feel,
Set the mood and my pace,
And in my heart, remain real.
I begin with my scratch
Utter the words in my mind,
Sort the feelings I catch
Let my memories unwind.
As I move with the flow
Gaze upon my creation,
Lights my heart with a glow
When arriving - completion.
Thus, I speak before you
Show wh
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 8
I feel for you
I've lived a thousand days before,
Endured the strongest pain.
Despite the hate that I have stored,
Until I grow insane.
I overcame the biggest odds,
And fueled my desire.
Considered self amongst the gods,
Could walk across the fire.
Did everything a man can do,
I crushed those in my path.
And lied to all just to get through,
Who stood would face my wrath.
Had no regrets in what I've done,
I really did not care.
That if I find my friends all gone,
Alone would be just fair.
Believed I was invincible,
My anger grew in length.
Hatred was inevitable,
Evil became my strength.
I was a man so full of pride,
And thought I was above.
Consumed by evil that's inside,
Without a pinch of love.
I'd face the days like I foretold,
Care not who I neglect.
Never tire or getting old,
And live without regret.
I always thought I'd have my way,
Do whatever I do.
Until I reached this fateful day,
The moment I met you.
The changes - very difficult,
Adjusting was quite tough.
Was like religion or a cult,
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 2 0
I do not care
I do not care where I may be,
Whatever fate befalls on me.
I do not care where I may stand.
Just have to move a better land.
I do not care what road I take,
So long as it is mine to make.
I do not care what hurts my pride.
Just have to toughen my inside.
I do not care if I may fail.
Despite how weak as I am, frail.
I do not care if I may cry.
Within myself, I will not lie.
I do not care who brings me down.
Mind not who dares to make me frown.
I do not care who takes my light.
Need not result to any fight.
I do not care how weak I am.
I understand what makes a man.
I do not care how sad I get,
Next day I know, I'll soon forget.
I do not care about the hate.
For love will never be too late.
I do not care about the pain,
I'll wipe the scars just like a stain.
I do not care when I will die.
Got happiness, I can't deny.
I do not care when things will change.
Adapt to it, won't find it strange.
I do not care, but this I do.
This love I feel for only you.
I do not care, but this is true.
I ca
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 2 0
The Dream
Woke up one day, a beautiful dream.
Sweet as could be and great it would seem.
Wishing that somehow it would be real.
It was the best a person could feel.
The moment I woke, wanted to sleep.
Needed to know what's next, just a peep.
Though in my thoughts, could not help but think.
Dream that I had, can no longer link.
I tried my best to close back my eyes.
Sleepiness gone, away my dream flies.
As I arose, stood up from my bed.
Disappointment fills, heart and my head.
Around, I walked, and thought in my room.
Somehow my dream would happen real soon.
If it were true and were to take place.
I'd never wipe the smile off my face.
Throughout the day, the thought never left.
As if it won't be subject to theft.
Not one in this world, can take away.
The dream that I had this very day.
Did all the things, I normally do.
Continued to smile, all the way through.
Everyone questioned about my mood.
Told them they would not have understood.
Nothing would break, the bliss, I was in.
It felt so good lik
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 6
I'm not okay
Moved on and lived throughout the years.
Survived tremendous pain and tears.
Fueled with hate, and this I say.
Even 'til now, I'm not okay.
Turned my back to people I knew.
Became so cold, this much is true.
Hated this world and everything.
Threw all the things I was handling.
Lived day by day without a care.
EVen my friends, I was unfair.
Reaped not a thing, nothing to sow.
All I had, was ready to go.
Good things I knew, I never kept.
Alone, thoughtless at night, I slept.
Figured if I gave not a damn.
Would not become less of a man.
Then one day, I felt something strange.
As if I was about to change.
All my life, I did not expect.
Made me sit alone and reflect.
Came to my life, so full of pride.
Things I have done, hurt you inside.
Consumed by hate, gave you the same.
It's me, nobody else to blame.
Reached out your best, I raised my wall.
Did all you could, help make me fall.
Never gave up, despite the pain.
Even your tears had turned to rain.
Through all the years, you stood your gro
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 3
Smiles belonged to only me.
Almost everyone could see.
Need not look for they can tell.
Your were under my love's spell.
Friends filled with so much envy.
Jealousy drove them crazy.
Tried to break us both apart.
It's only love in our hearts.
Stood our ground, we used to do.
What we had was more than true.
Not a soul can take away.
Love was really there to stay.
Always thought that will remain.
But now I feel so much pain.
Truth is what I dare refuse.
For myself, I'll truly lose.
Mistakes led me to this fate.
Seems I maybe just too late.
Though deep inside, I must try.
If this keeps up, I will die.
I need back what I have lost.
Risk it all despite the cost.
It's only you, I adore.
Show you love and plenty more.
Listen close and understand.
Help me do this hand in hand.
I can't do this all alone.
Not with heart that's turned to stone.
What I ask is not too much.
Just a little of your touch.
Feel the warmth of my embrace.
See the smile that's in my face.
Do the things you've asked me to.
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 3 12
A Song of the Past
I heard a song from long ago.
Exactly when, I do not know.
My memory's become real bad.
From all the things - painful, sad.
This song I speak, it helped me feel,
Torn up inside and forced to kneel.
And pray for what I have become.
With all the wrong that's said and done.
It's pretty weird, now looking back.
How I've screwed up and lost my track.
Despite the tears that I have shed.
Still making more mistakes instead.
Didn't keep the promises, I swore.
Forgetting how my life was for.
Lived day by day like I forgot.
Now realizing I've lost a lot.
The past that screams with so much pain.
My efforts were really all in vain.
Standing here and looked at last.
No different from the distant past.
Where I fell, it's really vague.
Mistakes consumed me like a plague.
Moving on and wanted change.
Failing still, feeling strange.
Everything was up to me.
Why was I too blind to see.
Destroyed by something that's inside.
Succumbed to evil, selfish pride.
Before you all, I dare to speak.
For our futures
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 2 9
I sat alone this one night.
Stared above, stars shining bright.
Bowed my head, nothing to do.
How I wish you'll love me, too.
Refreshing breeze, passed me by.
I shed a tear, wanting to die.
Reminiscing how it all began.
Seeng this way, I could've ran.
It felt so good to have you here.
Gave me strength and took my fear.
During times when you were gone.
As if everything just went wrong.
First met you, I still recall.
Hesitatant, couldn't help but fall.
Becoming close was really tough.
But it's me who made it really rough.
My life has changed, us, together.
Deep inside, it's gotten better.
Although at times, you go too far.
Hurt me and wake with another scar.
Right now, inside is so much pain.
My head is clouded, becoming insane.
Because of you, I fear my sleep.
For when it's morning, head's in deep.
After a while, it's you I hate.
To change my mind, it's way too late.
But silly me, when you knock my door.
Can't help, my knees fall to the floor.
Love and hate, this relationship.
As if we'
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 6
Glimpse in a Broken Mirror
I look at you,
It's pity I feel.
Hate and detest,
Is also the deal.
How you've fallen,
Stupid, you are.
From where you stand,
Didn't go far.
Could've done better,
Chose this damn path.
You wreak of disgust,
Awaiting my wrath.
Pathetic and lame,
That's what I said.
How can you sleep,
At night in your bed.
So ugly and ill,
Why do you live.
Misery and tears,
Are all you can give.
I look at you,
Refusing to try.
Lazy as scum,
Just go ahead, die.
But if you must,
believe that you can.
Muster the strength,
Go on and stand.
It's not too late,
Light up the fire.
Move on in life,
With burning desire.
Stop the hurting,
Cease all the pain.
Prove to your love,
Didn't choose you in vain.
This look I see,
As well, be the last.
Failure must become,
A thing of the past.
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 2 11
My Rig by NaLdiAn My Rig :iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 1 NaLdiAn's Desktop 2 by NaLdiAn NaLdiAn's Desktop 2 :iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 0 3 Nyu's Art Meme by NaLdiAn Nyu's Art Meme :iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 0 0 NaLdiAn's Desktop by NaLdiAn NaLdiAn's Desktop :iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 1 0
DOTA: Me and Razzil Darkbrew
I decided to use alchemist,
And for those that have no clue...
He's a hero from the Sentinel,
Known as Razzil Darkbrew...
The battle now begins, and,
I buy the things I need...
With Perseverence, Power treads,
to boost my movement speed...
At level 1, I get a skill,
I make my best selection...
Aim my target, here I go,
And fire Unstable Concoction...
It deals 120 total damage,
Coz I shook it for two seconds...
It stuns my target just the same,
As I repeat, his morale weakens...
Suddenly, I level up,
And get to choose a skill...
Goblin's greed, I, then select,
Two bonus gold per kill...
At level three, I pressed again,
upgrade Unstable Concoction...
Deals 180 to my target,
And fire in quick succession...
I see my enemy, he retreats,
On the verge of giving up...
Can't take the damage I inflict,
Now, it's time to level up...
As he returns, I'm level six,
He's only level four...
I fired away the skill I use,
And he retreats once more...
Level seven, here I am,
I paused to view the map...
:iconnaldian:NaLdiAn 0 2

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